A great way to share information with our customers and owners on various topics using “a casual style.”

For several months we have been thinking about a place or page on our website to post topics about almost everything related to apartment rental. With our new blog, we will include your input, as well as what’s new at New York Habitat and on our website. We’ll also look at events in New York, Paris, London and the South of France, neighborhoods, and even technology. Most importantly, your feedback will guide the content of our blog.

We hope that the simple design of this blog will help you navigate with ease. You can find some links on the right side of this page that lead directly to sections of our website (like the apartments search page), links to RSS feeds, and “categories” — Each post will be attached to a category for better referencing and easy retrieval.

Hope you find this blog informative. As usual we welcome your comments and suggestions (send an email to: blog@nyhabitat.com).

Happy reading!

The New York Habitat Blog Team