Since May, 2001, New York Habitat has donated “computer time” to a collaborative grid computer cancer research project involving Oxford University, The National Foundation for Cancer Research, and United Devices.

Our specialty in renting apartments online requires a lot of computers and servers. As we grew and expended our activities to France (Paris and the South of France), then to London, we realized that all these computers and notebooks would be a great asset for this worthy philanthropic project.

Initially, our company contributed cpu time of two office computers.  We now share use of all our office computers and generate more than 283 processor-hours per day. Our contribution places us in 180th position among 1.3 million members in this project.

In just 5 years, 534,500 hours of total cpu (processor) time has been donated to cancer research–equivalent to 1 computer running 24/7 for over 61 years!

An automated investigative process called “LigandFit” examines the binding characteristics of ligands to protein molecules. ( a ligand is a small molecule that binds to a particular larger molecule. ) This is useful to identify potential cancer drug therapies.

In the next couple of months, as soon as new computers becomes available, we will also contribute to a new project for research against AIDS.

If you would like to participate in this project using your computer at home or at work, we invite you to join New York Habitat’s Team.

You can obtain more information and download the software to join cancer research and then ask to join our team (New York Habitat).


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