We still remember the time when we were taking pictures with film, then scanning them, and finally archiving them manually. We won’t mention that we delivered these photographs to potential customers by mail… yes, snail mail!

Since then the digital age has helped us with accelerated cataloguing. On a daily basis we sometimes handle the creation of 10 new apartments which leads to some 200 to 500 pictures (some villas in the South of France have the most number of pictures). Editing, selecting and sorting this volume of information completes the process.

So here we are! More than 60 gigabytes of photographic data built over the years from simple studios in New York and Paris to beautiful grandiose Mas in Provence or in the French Riviera.

Interior designers, who are frequent returning visitors to our website, find inspiration as they discover the different styles of New York, Paris, London and the South of France.
Our photos of rental properties often assist them in their research and planning.

Thank you to all our owners who have helped us assembling our rental property database!