skype logoNew York Habitat has recently invested in upgrading our phone system to include Skype phones for all of our agents. The Skype technology has opened up new doors in international communication allowing for seamless connections phone connections over the internet.

For those who are unfamiliar with the technology it is a voice over internet protocol (voip) phone system. By connecting a Skype phone which can be purchased through most electronics stores and many website you can make calls over via your computer’s internet connection. The best part is that calls made between Skype users are free, while calls made to landlines and cell phones throughout the world are significantly cheaper than calling on a normal landline. Please post your comments on your Skype experiences to share with other Blog readers.

If you have a Skype phone and you are working with New York Habitat feel free to share your Skype Name. All of our agents now have Skype Names, which you can use to contact them if you have Skype.

Of course we still have regular phone lines and e-mail as well but the Skype options allows us to offer clients and owners an additional way to reach the agents when working to rent apartments with us whether in London, Paris, The South of France, New York or the rest of the world.