Eiffel Tower France Bastille DayThe Fourth of July: a work-free day for Americans filled with fireworks, barbecues, and parties. Fast-forward ten days and the party hops to a completely different spot on the globe. This year, July 14th marks the 217th annual French celebration, ‘14th Juillet’ or Bastille Day, as it is called in the United States.

Bastille Day marks the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille (a French prison) in 1789. To honor the start of the French Revolution and the subsequent unification of the country, many French cities hold fireworks at night.

There are also military parades that take place on the morning of the 14th. The largest of these parades takes place on the Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris.

The parade always ends, amidst great applause, with the Paris Fire Brigade. There are also balls and dances in honor of the holiday that are thrown by the country’s firefighters.

New York Habitat has many Paris apartments located conveniently near the Champs-Élysées Avenue. Perhaps the inviting terrace of this One-Bedroom Apartment near the Arc de Triomphe (PA-41) suits your needs or maybe you prefer the traditional appeal of this One-Bedroom Rental near Parc Monseau (PA-1582). Both of these apartments are only a short walk from the ‘15th Julliet’ parade site.

If, however, Paris is not in your summer cards, celebrate Bastille Day in New York City. From noon to 6 p.m. on July 15th, New York will honor the French holiday.

Bastille Day New York - TeamPresented by the French Institute Alliance Française and others, the festival will be held on 60th Street between Fifth and Lexington Avenues, in the Upper East Side.

The celebrations will include various activities, displays, and vendors. There will be music, dancing, French cuisine, a stationary Tour-de-France bike race, and much more! For more information on the Bastille Day street fair, visit BastilleDayNyc.com.

If you are in need of affordable New York accommodations for this event, New York Habitat has several charming apartments available. Consider Upper East side apartments as well as Midtown East vacation rentals to stay in the center of the party! Here are two apartments that are conveniently located near the New York Bastille Day celebrations:

Bastille Day New YorkSimilar to last year’s New York celebration, New York Habitat agents will be present to meet, greet, and answer questions concerning the company and what we do.

If you are interested in renting an apartment with New York Habitat or are already working with us and are eager to meet some of our agents, please come and visit our booth!

Bastille Day is New York Habitat’s major event of the year! Come meet our team and enjoy the music. Perhaps, if you book an apartment, we will dance for you, too.

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