There must be more than this provincial life…

3 Bedroom Rental French RivieraWhile Belle of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast longed to escape her small town in France, there are people from all over the world who are clambering to get in. Many small villages comprise the South of France and they attract scores of people each summer, hoping to relax and get away. New York Habitat highlights the town of La Garde Freinet, located in the French Riviera and near St. Tropez, as well as a secluded Three-Bedroom Villa (PR-741) .

Private, Three-Bedroom Villa in the French Riviera:

This traditional stone villa is located within a forest of the cork oak and pine trees that are characteristic of the area. There are no neighbors close by, which heightens the sense of privacy surrounding the French Riviera villa.

The large swimming pool on the terrace overlooks the forests and the hills. You can cool off by taking a dip or relax on a comfortable poolside mattress, in the shade.

The sweeping property has two houses: the main house and the smaller house (or Maison d’amis). The smaller house can be used for even further privacy from the larger group. The villa boasts three separate bedrooms, as well as two bathrooms. Both of the homes are nestled within a sloping landscape that will leave you breathless.

3 Bedroom Rental French Riviera PoolThe village of La Garde Freinet is a ten-minute drive from the villa and merely 15 miles away from the vacation hot spot of St. Tropez.

La Garde Freinet, French Riviera:

A narrow, winding road scales the mountains and weaves its way through miles of trees and vineyards, channeling towards the small village of La Garde Freinet.

The village was originally named by the ancient Saracens and translates roughly to “The Guard of the Forest.” The name is quite fitting, as the region is known for its abundance of oak, cork oak, pine, and chestnut trees. The forest and the village are located on a narrow ledge of the Massif des Maures mountain range and overlook the gulf of St. Tropez, which can be reached from the village by car in about 10 minutes.

3 Bedroom Rental French Riviera VillageThe streets of the village are narrow and provide the only separation between the houses, which are constructed back-to-back and side-to-side, leaving no space for backyards or patios. This typical feature of Provençal villages makes the aforementioned private and spacious villa that much more enticing.

Twice a week, the town comes alive for market day. The aromas of all the delicious treats for sale join the scents of rosemary, thyme, mint, and marjoram that perpetually fill the air.

What makes this three-bedroom a Hidden Gem?

Its secluded location within the sweeping Massif des Maures mountain range is an attractive bonus to this accommodation. The large swimming pool, extensive terrace, and comfortable décor of this two-house property all add up to make the villa a Hidden Gem.

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