South of France Vacation Rental 4 Bedroom in Gigaro
South of France Vacation Rental 4 Bedroom in Gigaro (PR 398)
The pristine beaches of St. Tropez, Nice and Cannes are rightly famous – but they can also be a bit intimidating to those of us who are not regularly featured in People magazine. However, the French Riviera has much more to offer than these playgrounds for the rich. Indeed, the French Riviera is bursting with attractions and events – and with miles of coastline and a little help from New York Habitat, you’re sure to find your own private oasis.

For example, try this two-bedroom rental (PR-92) in the small town of Cap d’Ail, a hidden gem on the French Riviera. This little village between sea and mountains has some of the prettiest beaches in the area! And if you miss the excitement of a vibrant city, Monaco is about a 10-minute drive away.

This 4-bedroom vacation rental in Gigaro – la Croix Valmer (PR-398) has a view of the sea and bougainvillea in full bloom for most of the year. Its white sand beaches are never overcrowded, and from the village experienced hikers can explore the miles of trails that go from the beach back to the rocky Col de Collebasse pass, almost 200 meters high.

The town of Bandol and its harbor are nearby offer all kinds of shopping, and of course there are many cafés and restaurants. Bandol’s reputation stems heavily from its wines, and the zoo and exotic gardens hosts Mediterranean and tropical plants and animals including a large bird collection. There’s even world-class scuba diving! And this 3-bedroom vacation rental in Bandol (PR-340) makes for a perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities of the French Riviera.

French Riviera
French Riviera
The historical village of Villefranche Sur Mer overlooks the busy harbor and crystal clear waters of Villefranche Bay, and is considered one of the most beautiful spots on the French Riviera. And this 2-bedroom rental in Villefranche sur Mer (PR-438) offers stunning views of it all! Don’t miss the Jean Cocteau murals in the 14th century Chapelle Saint-Pierre, the 16th century walled citadel, the hanging gardens in the Old Town, works of Picasso in the Goetz-Boumeester Collection, and the historic estates tucked away in the hills that slope up from the sea.

All of these cities are close to Nice, Monaco and the wonderful border towns of the Italian Riveria and are accessible by train and other public transportation, but offer a more relaxing alternative than the bigger cities.  New York Habitat highly recommends opting for the lesser-known gems like the towns and villages we’ve mentioned here for a truly unique vacation experience.

Do you prefer to be a little removed form the action, or do you prefer to be in the thick of it all when you’re on vacation?  Let us know in the comments!