4 Bedroom Rental Avignon - PR-325Do not go to Avignon if your plan is to visit surrounding towns and peruse the French countryside. The city of Avignon, beyond the numerous Provence attractions, has so much to offer that you will not want to leave.

Noted for its rich history and cultural attractions, Avignon, France has played host to both the religious and the artistic. During the 14th century, the city became the home for several papal leaders. The Palace of the Popes still stands within the city today and decorates the spacious and busy square, Place du Palais.

The various museums and theaters can entertain visitors for days, while the scenery of private mansions, luxurious courtyards, and elaborate squares make staying indoors a chore.

The annual theater festival in August attracts over 120,000 spectators every year. Visitors take in shows that feature dance, theater, and music.

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