Hello, I’m David Hill from New York Habitat. Welcome for a new episode of our video series dedicated to make you discover Broadway, one of New York City’s most famous avenues. In the last episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour, we stopped at Union Square; today, we will be heading to the intersection of Broadway and 21st Street, starting point for the 2010 New York Dance Parade!

The New York City Dance Parade is an annual parade that has taken place in the month of May every year since 2007. The parade is used to promote the art of all forms of dance and to further educate and create an understanding of dances and their origins.  This video will show you a few of the sights and sounds from this year’s event.

Video Tour of the New York Dance Parade 2010 – All Along Broadway (4:28)

Starting on Broadway at 21st Street, the parade will move south along Broadway into Union Square West and University Place. The parade route turns east onto 8th Street and continues onward on Astor Place and Saint Mark’s Place before culminating in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, where many of the dance styles and techniques are put on display in performances on the stage in the park.

The parade is a great opportunity for dozens of New York schools of dance and performing arts to come out and show their talents.  You’ll get tastes of all kinds of styles, from hip hop to hoolahoop to salsa to stilts.

Almost as fun as the dancers themselves are the thousands of spectators who come out to take it all in.  You’ll find nothing but smiles from the tourists and local New Yorkers lining Broadway as the Dance Parade marches by.

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Towards the end of the parade, dancers and spectators alike all converge on Tompkins Square Park. It is the end of the parade route, but the dancing is far from over.  You’ll find dancers giving free performances throughout the afternoon and into the early evening.

Some of the styles of dance we saw this year and captured in our video are swing dancing, samba, tango and even a couple pole dancers!!

I hope you have enjoyed our video of the 2010 New York Dance Parade. Don’t miss the next episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour devoted to Madison & Herald Squares in Midtown Manhattan. And if you were at the parade this year, share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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