Hello, this is David Hill from New York Habitat.  Today we are going to continue our tour along Broadway, one of the most famous avenues in New York City.  In the last episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour, we showed you Madison & Herald Square in Midtown Manhattan. We will now be showing you Times Square!

Running the length of Manhattan and continuing into the Bronx, Broadway crosses through many of New York City’s neighborhoods. Broadway runs diagonally north and intersects with most avenues. Along its path, it creates many “squares”, some of which are triangular in shape.

Video Tour of Times Square (5:50)

As should be expected, there is much to see along such a famous stretch of road. But have no fear! We have been visiting different areas along the way, breaking each down and making it easier to take in all of the information.  Our next stop will be Times Square!


Broadway is the oldest street in the city.  It was used first by the Native Americans and then by early Dutch settlers as a path to the northern forests to hunt, gather and fish.

Times Square

Times Square is definitely the most famous intersection, or square along Broadway.  It is formed by the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue between 42nd and 47th Streets and is located in Midtown West.  It was named Times Square in 1904 after a newspaper, which you may have heard of called the New York Times, moved into a building on 42nd Street.

New York’s Times Square is known all over the world for its bright neon lights and digital advertisements on building walls, for its many stores open day and night and for its restaurants. In addition, the Theatre District located along Broadway just north of Times Square shows many of the newest and most famous stage performances.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop

The New York’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop has become a worldwide attraction since its inception on December 31, 1907 when it was decided to substitute the fireworks, which were becoming dangerous to the public, with a bright ball descending along a pole in Times Square.

The New Year’s Ball is dropped along the façade of the 1 Times Square building, which is not occupied by any tenants since it can make more money by allowing colorful LED  advertisements on the sides of the building than renting to individuals or companies.

ABC Television Studios – 1500 Broadway

The skyscraper located at 1500 Broadway is known for hosting the ABC Television Studios.  Each morning at 6:00 a.m. you can stand in front of the studios and you may see the hosts or one of the famous guests of the show Good Morning America.

NASDAQ Building – 4 Times Square

Across the street from the ABC TV studios you cannot miss a bright skyscraper which houses the NASDAQ Market Site, with its large electronic screen that keeps you updated on about 3700 companies trading on the NASDAQ exchange.

Hard Rock Café – 1501 Broadway

Along Broadway there are many restaurants, coffee shops, sandwich shops and places to eat, so you will never go hungry.  But the most well-known place to eat here in Times Square is the Hard Rock Café.

The Hard Rock can accommodation and group, they offer good food and great music with a  distinctive sound system.  Come and check out this famous musical restaurant and its memorabilia!
Times Square has many attractions, including many hotels all around the area, but you can imagine how expensive it can be to pay for a hotel room in the most well known square of Manhattan!

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Photo of New York Vacation Rental (NY-12827)
Photo of New York Vacation Rental (NY-12827)
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MTV Studios – 1515 Broadway

At MTV Studios in a building called “Astor Plaza”.  People, from all over the world, come here and wait in line whenever a famous performing artist is due to arrive here so that they can get his or her autograph.

Minskoff Theatre – 1515 Broadway

Broadway is known for its many theatres, commonly called “Broadway Theatres”. Most of the theatres are actually located around this area, but not necessarily on Broadway.

The Minskoff Theatre, also located in “Astor Plaza” is one theather on Broadway. Currently it is showing Disney Musical The Lion King.


If you want to save on theatre shows, you can purchase your tickets at the TKTS booth in the middle of Times Square.  Every day, Broadway theatres release tickets to be sold at cheaper prices than regular full price.

The TKTS booth opens every day in the early afternoon and on its screens you can view what shows are on sale.  Then you can stand in line and patiently wait for your turn to purchase cheaper tickets.  The line is often long but it moves fast and don’t forget to have cash, travelers checks or a credit card ready to pay to help keep the line moving fast.

I hope you enjoyed today’s video tour episode in Times Square! There is a lot more to discover along and around Broadway so don’t miss the next one! In the upcoming episode of our “All Along Broadway” Video Tour we will stop at Colombus Circle, one of the greatest spot in New York.  And if you know of any fun pit stops along Broadway, that we missed in today’s video tour of Times Square, or have a favorite New York Vacation Rental that you have stayed in, be sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.