The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious Formula One races. It is also one of the most popular events in the South of France. Part of the Triple Crown of Motorsport (along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans), this race differs from them by one very compelling trait: the cars race through the city streets of Monaco, past the luxury casinos and alongside the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. If you are a racing or car enthusiast, this is one race you have to see in person and you can make your experience complete by booking a vacation rental in the French Riviera with us.

This year, the Monaco racing festivities will take place from May 22nd to May 25th, the day of the race itself. The preceding days are full of practices and parades that only add to the spectacle of the weekend. Race day is the most exciting day of course. The narrow streets of Monaco, full of tight turns and changing elevations, challenge the drivers like no other course and lead to a slow race. The average speed of the 78 lap race, (which totals 260.52 km or almost 162 miles), is usually around 150 km/hr or approximately 93 mph, compared with conventional track speeds well in excess of 100 mph. However, these slower speeds do not detract from the excitement of being at the race yourself.

When you go to the Monaco, stay with New York Habitat in one of our vacation rentals in Beausoleil, France. Literally meaning ‘beautiful sun’ this town in the French Riviera on the border of Monaco and France will be shining brightly from all the sun brought on by the wonderful May weather. And you’ll be able to take in as much sun as you want from this one bedroom rental in Beausoleil, French Riviera (PR 882). This apartment is tastefully decorated and can accommodate up to four people. The kitchen and bathroom are modern and well-equipped. The best features of this apartment are the remarkable views from the living room and the 10 minute walk to the casinos or 15 minute walk to the beach, both of which are on the race course!

French Riviera accommodation: Studio in Eze sur Mer (PR-806)If you’d prefer to stay a bit farther from all the action, then you’ll want to see this studio apartment in Eze sur Mer, French Riviera, (PR 806). Able to accommodate up to six people, this studio has a spacious living area and a lofted sleeping area over the kitchen. The pièce de resistance, however, is the large teak deck with amazing views of the Mediterranean. Enjoy the sun and sand in this quite beach town and then take the short drive into Monaco for the race!

The excitement and the glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix are not to be missed. And staying in a furnished apartment rental in the South of France from New York Habitat will only make your experience better!

For more information, go to the Monaco Grand Prix Official Website.

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