Pont Alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III
The river Seine is the defining characteristic of Paris. Sure the Eiffel Tower, Haussmannian boulevards and grand arches play a big role in the city’s persona, but nothing compares to the ubiqitous force of the mythic Seine. One of the most renowned rivers in the world, the Seine knifes directly through the middle of Paris, separating the old-world class of the Left Bank from the (diminishing) grit of the Right.

The Seine’s distinct amber hue is the essential color of central Paris’ pallette. Much like New York’s famed East River swimming in the Parisian Seine is an at-your-own-risk activity. Thanks to the 35 Paris bridges crossing the river swimming across the Seine is entirely unnecessary. There are few joys in Paris similar to the beauty and serenity (even amidst rush-hour traffic) of crossing the majestic river on a Paris bridge. On banks left and right New York Habitat has hundreds of Paris rental apartments easily accessible by modern footbridge and Napoleonic pont alike.

Paris is geographically a small city and most of New York Habitat’s rental accommodations are close to the river Seine and her bridges. Those looking for the quintessential Parisian flat of modern living and classic French touch need not look further than this 3-bedroom apartment rental in St. Germain des Pres (PA-2646).

From here visitors are steps from the pedestrian bridge Pont Des Arts and the Louvre across the river. For a Latin Quarter apartment guests should take a look at this studio apartment rental in Quartier Latin, St. Michel – St. Germain des Pres – Notre Dame (PA-925). This cozy little apartment is a short walk to both the Pont St-Michel and the Petit Pont connecting the Left Bank with the La Cite island, home of the Notre Dame cathedral.

Over on the Left Bank is a spacious, airy 1-Bedroom vacation rental in Halles, Opera-Le Louvre (PA-4021). This apartment is a short walk to the famous Pont Neuf bridge, connecting the Right Bank to the La Cite island as well as the Left Bank.

Paris is all about the river Seine, if it wasn’t for the river this land-locked city would probably never exist. That said, the river crossings are as diverse as Parisians themselves and their architectural beauty and stunning views often manage to outshine the bronze river below.

What is your favorite Seine-crossing bridge? Or what other famous urban rivers rival the Seine?