Paris Plages
Paris Plages

As the weather warms, Parisians and Americans in beautiful Paris naturally find themselves drawn to the water. The Seine River that bisects Paris into the Left and Right Banks provides a cool and breezy spot to enjoy the beauty of the city in full summer.  Take time to enjoy the river that has inspired countless artists and is the lifeblood of Paris.

Visitors to Paris are in for a treat with the traditional Bateaux Mouches river tour, and summer is a wonderful time to glide along the river on a flat-bottomed boat.  Though there is some controversy over how these “fly boats” got their name, everyone agrees that they are a delightful way to see the sights of the City of Light.  Each boat company has different embarkation points, but you can expect to travel past the Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, the Musee d’Orsay, the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Hotel de Ville, not to mention many of the 35 gorgeous bridges spanning the Seine.  With the wind playing with your hair, the sun glittering on the surface of the water, and some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and monuments drifting by on the shore, your Bateau Mouche river tour will be a treasured memory of your trip to Paris.

If the beach is the scene you’ve been craving, you can have your Parisian holiday with a beach vacation, too.  The Paris Plages (Paris beaches) give you a sea-side holiday right in the center of Paris.  The plages have everything you can expect from the beach—a sandy spot for sun-worship, deck chairs, ice cream vendors and even venues for open-air concerts.  Athletic beach-goers can play volleyball, go rollerblading and even go kayaking!  The first Paris Plage opened in 2002, and these summer oases transform the Seine River into something you’d expect to see on the Riviera.  The beaches are only open from the 3rd week of July to the third week of August, but you can play by the water all day from 8 a.m. to midnight.

The dog days of summer won’t get you down when you’re enjoying the fresh breeze by the Seine.  Plan your summer getaway today with the help of New York Habitat.  There are plenty of vacation rentals in Paris available within walking distance of the Seine.  You’ll just have to load up your beach bag and head to the water for a day of fun.  Not sure where to start your apartment search?  Check out these rentals to get you started:

This elegant 2 Bedroom Vacation Rental – Marais – Les Halles – Paris (PA-3142) will be the perfect place to relax after a day on the water.  With huge casement windows, a gorgeous parquet floor, and a sleek, modern bathroom, this apartment will make you feel decadent!

For a touch of modern style and class, look no further than this 2 Bedroom Duplex Vacation Rental – St Michel – St Germain – Notre Dame – Paris (PA-3097).  Sleek lines, shining dark wood floors and a beautifully landscaped courtyard characterize this renovated building.  The on-site pool will also help you to prepare for your water sports on the Seine!

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in Paris?