Welcome to the first video tour of our two part series dedicated to the neighborhood called Chelsea, located on the west side of the borough of Manhattan, New York.

Here in Chelsea you’ll find yourself in a historical yet impressively progressive neighborhood.

This neighborhood is roughly bordered by 14th street to the south, 30th street to the north, 6th Avenue to the east and the Hudson River and West Street to the west.

Video tour of Chelsea, New York: Part 1 (5:42)


Chelsea began as an estate owned by a retired British officer, which he named after the manor in Chelsea, London owned by Major Thomas Clarke.

General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church – 440 West 21st Street

The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church was founded in 1817. The magnificent green, lush quadrangle is a peaceful place in the bustling city.  Visitors can go to the office and get a free visiting pass to enjoy the campus grounds.

Industrial History

In the late 1880’s the Hudson River Railroad began using 10th and 11th avenues dividing Chelsea from the waterfront.  Soon the neighborhood was covered in slaughterhouses, breweries and tenements for the immigrant labor force to live in.

Limelight Market Place – 47 West 20th Street

Something to check out in this area is The Limelight Market Place. This 25,000-square-foot former eighties nightclub, and, before that a church, has been converted into a shopping center.

The 20th Street landmark’s lancet windows, labyrinthine layout, and soaring chapel are the same as they ever were but now you’ll find specialty clothes, housewares, chocolates and the quintessential Grimaldi’s pizza.

Art Scene

If you’re an art enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to know that Chelsea is considered by many to be the art capital of New York, boasting more than 200 galleries.

The 1950’s and 60’s gave Chelsea a facelift with public housing and urban renewal projects.  The migration of art galleries from SoHo to Chelsea completed the gentrification. Today, the galleries d West Chelsea between 20th and 28th Streets. A few examples are the Robert Miller Gallery (524 West 26th Street), the George Billis Gallery (521 West 26th Street) and the Sonnabend (536 West 22nd Street).

Apartments and Accommodations in Chelsea:

If you’d like to experience Chelsea like a true local, you should definitely rent a Chelsea vacation rental or furnished apartment in Chelsea from New York Habitat. There’s no better way to experience the city than to live in a real New York apartment.

Check out this fully furnished studio apartment (NY-6441), which  is located in the heart of Chelsea at West 23rd Street and 9th Avenue. This apartment is situated on the 9th floor of an elevator building with the security of a doorman. The building also has the convenience of on-site laundry. The apartment is well lit and furnished with contemporary Scandinavian and antique furniture. There is a double sized sofa bed, a chaise lounge and a dining area. The fully equipped kitchen also has a dishwasher!

Another great choice is this furnished 2-bedroom apartment (NY-12811) in Chelsea which is on the first floor of a brownstone building. The apartment has plenty of seating and also includes a decorative fireplace and exposed brick for décor. Tenants of the apartment have access to a private garden in the back. The bedrooms are furnished with a queen and king bed, respectively and there is also a dishwasher and washing machine and dryer to minimize the cleaning workload.

Chelsea Piers and Chelsea from the Sky
Chelsea Piers and Chelsea from the Sky
Finally, take a look at this furnished 1-bedroom Chelsea apartment (NY-12830). The apartment is on the 3rd floor of a walk-up townhouse. The bedroom is furnished with a queen sized bed, and there is a queen sized sofa bed in the living room. Wireless Internet is available and there is also a fireplace.

Chelsea Piers Sports and Recreation Complex – 20th Street & the Hudson River

If you love sports or just feel like a day at the spa, Chelsea Pier’s Sports and Recreation Complex has something for everyone.

The Sports and Recreation Complex offers golf, bowling, skating, a batting cage and rock climbing. Their children’s programs include soccer, gymnastics, baseball and more. You’ll also find a fitness center with pool  and a deluxe spa.

The Hudson River Park

The Hudson River Park stretches for 5 miles and is packed with fun and unique daytime activities.

For example, if you ever wanted to learn to fish, the Park offers the “Big City Fishing” program for free throughout the summer.

Want to get out on the water? The Park also offers kayak trips and sailing, rowing, kayak polo and boat building lessons.

If you’re in the area, check the Park’s Calendar for Outdoor Films, dances, farmer’s markets and musical performances along the river.

Well, that’s a wrap of our first episode of our video tour of Chelsea, New York. If you’ve got some fun spots in this neighborhood to share with us, please leave a comment below, or continue the visit with part 2 of our Chelsea series.

Thanks for watching our New York Video Tour and we hope to see you soon touring the art scene in lovely Chelsea, New York!