Image of an alpine chalet, PR-954
Sun meets snow on the alpines slopes of the South of France!

Among the many reasons why the South of France remains one of the world’s premier tourist destinations is its unique geography. Sandwiched between the dramatic peaks of the Southern Alps and the gentle sweep of the Mediterranean littoral, Provence and the French Riviera offer the best of both worlds: snow and sun. No time of year is better for enjoying that balance than the spring, when the fresh powder on the Alps makes for world-class skiing and the warm sun of the coast helps cut the winter’s chill.

Plan your trip to Provence for the springtime and you can enjoy unique recreation, world-famous events and a mix of weather that has something for everyone!

The Southern Alps: A Paradise for Skiers

Image of a mountain in the French Alps
The white-capped peaks of the Southern French Alps are a great backdrop for any vacation!

The South of France may be famous for its sunny beaches and turquoise seawater, but up above the coastline lies a wholly different attraction: the craggy slopes of the Southern Alps. The massive mountain range spans eight countries and draws over 120 million visitors annually, many of them to famed resorts along the French-Italian border, such as Chamonix. More affordable and less tourist-mobbed, the ski resorts of the Southern Alps are a good option for any slope-hunting traveler!

Take advantage of end-of-season snowfall at these ski slopes in the Southern Alps:

  • La Colmiane: Situated due north of Nice just a few kilometers from the Italian border, this valley-bound town’s ski season goes on until March 28.
  • Valberg-Beuil: This ski destination can be found in the Mercantour National Park, with the ski season lasting until April 2.
  • Isola 2000: Perfect for visitors looking to take advantage of the European Union’s open borders, this resort is just a few miles from the Italian border with France. It’s also a great option for last-minute vacations, as the ski season lasts until April 17.
  • Auron: Less isolated than some alternatives, the Auron ski resort is near the town of Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée. Their ski season also closes on April 17.
  • Les Orres: Located just outside of the Ecrins National Park and uphill from the beautiful Serre-Ponçon Lake, this resort remains open to skiers until mid-April.
Image of an alpine chalet, vacation rental PR-954
A warm refuge from the alpine cold, this chalet in the French Alps is a great place to enjoy the last snows of winter!

Instead of staying at a resort with nosebleed-inducing prices for everyday essentials, consider one of our unique South of France vacation rentals. You might even find a last-minute travel deal to save on your trip! Located approximately 35 kilometers (22 miles) northwest of the ski slopes mentioned above, our 2 Bedroom Chalet in La Bâtie Neuve is the perfect place to get warm for your après-ski! A full kitchen, internet access, and sleeping space for 4 make the cabin a comfortable home-away-from-home nestled into the mountainside.

Winter Activities for Non-Skiers

Image of a cabin in front of an alpine mountain range
Imagine waking up every day to an alpine view like this!

Thankfully, visitors to the Alps don’t have to spend their whole time out in the cold – there are plenty of other great experiences in the region during the late winter and spring!

Even if you’re not a skier or snowboarder, you can enjoy the unique alpine environment with a glacier hike in the Ecrins National Park. Or, for the less physically ambitious among us, the mountains can be appreciated aesthetically with a tourist flight or helitour of the area. Staying near Gap, you can head to the local Tallard Airport for one of these spectacular scenic tours above the landscape.

There are also the classic destinations of the Mediterranean Coast, where bustling cities like Marseille and Nice provide ample opportunities for tourists. Some of the region’s most famous dishes are especially well-adapted for winter, from bouillabaisse, a fish stew evoking the bustling port of Marseille, to comforting ratatouille from the Italian border region. One of the most phenomenal natural attractions of the coastline is just as beautiful (and less tourist-filled) in the winter – the Calanques National Park that stretches from Marseille to Cassis!

Plan Your Stay around a New York Habitat Vacation Rental

Image of the Marina Baie des Anges development on the French Riviera, PR-1223
The Marina Baie des Anges development in Villeneuve-Loubet benefits from a dramatic Alpine backing.

One corner of the South of France that’s particularly well adapted for combining snow and skis with sand and sun is Villeneuve-Loubet, a historic town just south of Nice’s airport. As shown above, the picturesque Mercantour-Argentera Mountain Range towers over this former fishing village.

Echoing the mountain peaks that back it as well as the white sails of the ships that traverse the Côte d’Azur, one unique development dominates the resort town: the Marina Baie des Anges. This 1 Bedroom Apartment is located in one of the four modernist buildings, Le Baronnet, and benefits from the development’s state-of-the-art thalassotherapy center and a private marina.

Image of the terrace of PR-1224
Enjoy the warm Mediterranean sun on the terrace of a New York Habitat vacation rental!

A few miles down the coast, between Antibes and Cannes, this unique studio-style vacation rental is a part of the owner’s property and has access to their private pool. A full kitchen and modern conveniences (flat screen television, air conditioning) make the accommodation great for a romantic South of France trip or a last-minute vacation. The rental is also in a prime location if you’re planning a stay that coincides with one of the French Riviera’s seasonal events!

Springtime events

Thanks to its balmy weather, beautiful scenery and unparalleled tourist infrastructure, the South of France is home to many famous international events and conferences, as well as historically important regional celebrations.

The Feria d’Arles maintains a tradition at the same time beloved and controversial in France: bullfighting. Though their trade differs slightly from the more famous Spanish variety, Arles’s bull fighters kick off the summer season with an Easter-timed celebration, organized by the municipality since 1965.

Image of a model on the balcony of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes
Cannes, perhaps the most glamorous regional city, is the jewel of the French Riviera.

Perhaps the most famous event in the region during spring, if not the whole year, is the Festival de Cannes, considered the world’s most prestigious film festival. Held in mid-May each year (May 11-22 in 2016), the event draws A-listers from both sides of the Atlantic and previews films and documentaries for the year to come. Only one film leaves with the coveted Palm d’Or, making the event a high-stakes competition.

Another internationally renowned event is held at the other end of the Côte d’Azur in the minuscule Principality of Monaco. This is, of course, the Grand Prix, Formula 1 racing’s most important contest and one of the three that form the Triple Crown of Motorsport. The racecourse winds through the narrow streets of the 0.78mi2 (2.02km2) microstate, making spectating all the more thrilling!

Summer in the South of France brings even more excitement, with culture events like the international Fête de la Musique (held on the June solstice), the theater-focused Festival d’Avignon (starting on July 4) and the operatic Festival d’Aix en Provence (starting on June 30 this year).

With all these amazing events to choose from, you’ll want to get a vacation rental booked as soon as possible! And with so much culture and scenery available year-round, you might want to consider a longer stay with one of our furnished rentals.