Image of a tennis match taking place during the US Open.

The US Open draws thousands of spectators after years of serving up exciting matches! (Photo credit: Steven Pisado)

As the summer season slides into its home stretch and fall approaches, New York Habitat’s global cities gear up for some of their biggest sporting events of the year. That includes New York City: The US Open Tennis Championships take place this year from August 26 until September 8 right here in the Big Apple!

It’s not just New York that hosts a fantastic event for tennis fans; Paris hosts the French Open (or Roland-Garros) every spring, and London, of course, is famous for The Championships, Wimbledon, the oldest and most famous tennis tournament in the world. Massive sporting events such as these draw thousands of fans each year who are eager to cheer on the world’s top players and participate in the cities’ proud tennis traditions. Fans often travel from all around the world, and with such a huge influx of visitors to the city, finding housing for the event can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, you can bypass the stress of jostling your fellow tennis fans for the best hotel rates, opt to rent a furnished apartment, and sit back and enjoy some of the world’s best athletics!

New York gears up for the US Open

Image of Arthur Ashe Stadium and three tennis courts in Flushing Meadows – Corona Parks.

The amount of space in Queens, NYC’s largest borough, is ideal for the sprawling grounds of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. (Photo credit: Carine06 via Flickr)

The US Open is the biggest tennis tournament in the United States and a modern take on one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world, the US National Championship, which began in 1881. The US Open also concludes a series of four Grand Slam tennis tournaments around the world; following The Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. Because of its notoriety, the tournament tends to draw 600,000 to 700,000 spectators per year!

The US Open is also often noted for its lively and exciting atmosphere. Music plays throughout the grounds, New York’s varied cuisine is served in full force from numerous food trucks, and spectators cheer after an exciting match or round. Compared to the more reserved and traditional atmosphere of tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open’s less restrictive environment is great for a day of family fun or for mingling with locals and players alike.

Image of the grounds of Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, the US Open, and the Unisphere in the background.

Shady trees and the shining Unisphere surrounding the grounds of the US Open are worthy of exploration in their own right! (Photo credit: slgckgc via Flickr)

The US Open is also a chance to visit a part of New York City that many tourists don’t experience: the beautiful and diverse borough of Queens! The two-week tournament is held at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, a sprawling park containing 897 acres of green space. While the tournament may be your main attraction in the area, don’t miss the chance to explore this exciting and beautiful area of Queens! Flushing Meadows is one of our top parks in New York City, once home to the 1964 World’s Fair and full of beautiful sculptures that remain from the expo. The area is ideal for enjoying some fresh air even in the midst of an urban environment, and a stroll around the park will reward you with views of the Tennis Center and Citi Field, home of the New York Mets baseball team! Flushing, Queens is also known for its high concentration of Asian restaurants, and the cuisine is said to be even better than Manhattan’s Chinatown.

Finding accommodations for the US Open

Image of living area of NY-17564 with open kitchen, sofa, and television.

This light-filled apartment in Astoria is only a short subway ride from the grounds of the US Open. (Rental ID: NY-17564)

As you can see, Queens is not only a convenient place to stay for the US Open, but it’s an exciting one too! You can synthesize your entire stay for the US Open with the help of New York Habitat. Unlike hotels, which tend to concentrate in areas more frequently favored by tourists, New York Habitat specializes in short-term apartment rentals (up to one year) that are distributed all over the city, including around Flushing!

US Open matches take place all throughout the day and even at night, and the last thing you want to do is take a long train ride back to Manhattan after an exhilarating match. Furnished apartments (such as the 1-bedroom rental in Astoria pictured above) are convenient to subways and other forms of public transportation that will transport you to and from the games with ease. You can enjoy a hearty breakfast right in the comfort of your rental before you head out thanks to the included full kitchen. Overall, furnished apartments are a great way to live independently—they let you come and go as you please and offer flexible accommodations for all kinds of sports fans!

If you’re in town for a special event, you’ll appreciate the assistance of a licensed agent as well. Our agents can brainstorm with you to find accommodations that are not only appropriate for your required size and budget, but convenient to your plans: a human touch you may not find anywhere else.

Plan for spring and the French Open in Paris

Image of players on the clay court at Roland-Garros in Paris.

The red clay courts of the French Open are a unique sight and a unique challenge for players, making for an exciting match. (Photo credit: François Goglins)

Now that you’re looking forward to the close of the 2019 Grand Slam series at the US Open, turn your sights towards the French Open in Paris next May! The French Open, officially called the Roland-Garros after the famous French aviator, is not for the faint of heart. The tournament is a great place to gain a true appreciation for the athleticism of the sport, since competition is widely considered to be a test of endurance. Athletes must play seven rounds for a championship, and singles matches are determined by a best-of-five system.

The French Open is also traditionally played on a clay court, so expect a unique sight when you watch from the stands! The event may be the most exciting of the tournaments to watch, as the irregular court surface often stumps some of the world’s top athletes, leading to many unexpected and upset victories throughout history. Finally, athletes aren’t held to the same strict standards of decorum as Wimbledon, allowing them to don some interesting outfits for their matches over the years!

Image of living area of PA-1176 with sofa, coffee table, and table and chairs.

Retire to a chic Paris apartment after an exciting day at the tennis court! (Rental ID: PA-1176)

Roland-Garros may be an unpredictable tournament, but your apartment doesn’t have to be! The quaint stadium that hosts the mighty French Open is located right in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris’s 16th Arrondissement. Stay close to the festivities with a reliable and elegant furnished apartment like this 1-bedroom near the Place de l’Etoile. Besides being an easy home base for shuttling back and forth to the stadium, this apartment revels in its stylish Parisian look, offers an elevator and a security system, and is near some of the finest attractions in Paris, including Bois de Boulogne (one of the city’s finest parks) and the Arc de Triomphe.

The prestige of Wimbledon: Accessible to you!

Image of a match being played at Wimbledon’s Centre Court.

Wimbledon’s neatly trimmed grass courts and white uniforms uphold the tournament’s posh and prestigious reputation.

If there’s a name that’s familiar even to non-tennis-fans, it’s Wimbledon. The London championship is considered the most prestigious event in tennis and the most notable of the Grand Slam series. The

Image of strawberries and cream.

Strawberries and cream is an unusual but traditional snack for watching a Wimbledon match!

tournament is certainly rooted in tradition: It’s played on a traditional grass court, athletes dress entirely in white uniforms, and you may spot casual spectators and royals alike in the audience wearing wide-brim hats. Even the food comes with proud traditions: spectators traditionally (and happily) eat strawberries and cream while watching a match!

The tennis event is traditionally held during the summer, usually in early July, and draws thousands of spectators both to the stadium and to the city. Matches are broadcast in select places in the city like Canary Wharf, and it’s likely that you’ll be able to catch a match in your local neighborhood pub. Regardless, due to the fame of the event and its enthusiasm for tried-and-true English tradition, the duration of the Wimbledon championship is one of the best times to be in London!

Image of living area of LN-1537 with sofa, armchair, and coffee table.

An elegant rental in South Kensington may be just the ticket for those looking to attend Wimbledon. (Rental ID: LN-1537)

It’s a great idea to look into accommodations early if you’re traveling to London for this highly sought-after event. Booking a vacation rental in advance ensures you won’t have to compete with massive amounts of visitors to the city for comfortable and convenient accommodations. Plus, a rental apartment ensures your posh London experience doesn’t have to end when the sun sets over the All England Club! Our agents can help you find any sort of apartment, from budget to luxury and contemporary to traditional, to truly enhance the feeling of your trip.

Rentals like the 1-bedroom in South Kensington pictured above also make getting to the tournament’s facilities in South London simple. It’s a straight shot down on the District Line of the Tube to Wimbledon Park, home of the All England Club. If that sounds unfamiliar, don’t worry—our guide to navigating London’s public transportation is also here to help!

An apartment for every sports fan

Tennis isn’t the only sport that’s worth making the trip to New York, London, or Paris. We’ve been proud and are eager to help sports fans find accommodations for every unique and thrilling event the three cities host, including:

There’s even more to discover in every city! No matter what type of game, match, event, or race you love to watch, New York Habitat can help make your dreams a reality. Our human approach means that a personal agent can help you find sensible accommodations that make logistical sense for whatever sporting event you’re hoping to see. Plus, our individually screened listings ensure that all apartments are personally cleared for occupancy before you arrive.

After all, games belong on the tennis court!