Image of a street scene in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris with pedestrians and Haussmann buildings.

Imagine yourself living for months in Paris and mingling with locals on the streets; it’s possible with a furnished apartment rental!

Paris is a beautiful, historic, and pedestrian-friendly city full of world-class culture, prestigious universities, extraordinary art, and delicious cuisine. With so many appealing things to do, you’ll probably want to find a place to stay for a month or longer to experience it all. However, it’s both a blessing and a curse that Paris is such a bustling city, as the number of rentals in the city can make it difficult to filter through the noise.

Fortunately, New York Habitat can help! Partnering with a licensed agency during your apartment search gives you access to the assistance of an agent who will use their local knowledge and access to our full database of quality Paris furnished apartments to help you find an apartment that’s perfect for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all accommodation out there, but you can also start your search by exploring five of our highest-rated Paris furnished apartments and reading reviews by clients like you to see what they loved most about their rentals (in their own words)!

The glamour of old Paris in a 2-bedroom Ternes rental

Image of dining area of PA-2623 with table and chairs.

Live and dine stylishly in the classic elegance of this Ternes apartment. (Rental ID: PA-2623)

Starting our list of top-rated apartments is this 5-star rated furnished apartment in a luxurious residential area of Paris. This 2-bedroom furnished apartment is located in an 18th-century building in Ternes, and the historic significance of the building comes through in all of the apartment’s small details: stunning crown molding, antique parquet hardwood floors, and a beautiful stained-glass window in the dining area. The space is also decorated with care, featuring a unique collection of artwork and classically elegant furnishings.

If you want the antique charm but don’t want to forgo any modern amenities, don’t worry—this apartment is also outfitted with a fully updated kitchen featuring all the major appliances you need to cook, a personal washing machine and dryer, a 24-hour concierge, and even a parking space available upon request. Plus, the building is accessible; it has an elevator, which is a rarity in old Paris buildings that are known for their stairs.

Image of bedroom in PA-2623 with queen-sized bed.

A restful place to lay your head awaits you in this residential Paris district! (Rental ID: PA-2623)

However, what really sets this apartment apart from the rest is the full experience of staying here. The neighborhood of Ternes around the apartment is one of the fanciest residential districts of Paris and experiences limited tourist traffic, making it a great place to capture the experience of living like a local that we strive to provide to all of our Paris clients.

Because the neighborhood is so close-knit, you can also expect a welcoming vibe from neighbors and the apartment’s owner, as evidenced by this review from our past client Seksom S. of the United States:

“This is a place to go to immerse yourself in a truly Parisian experience. This is NOT a touristy quartier. Rather, it has great local markets/merchants, an urban-neighborhood feel, and gives you the feel of being a local. The owners are warm people, and made the stay pleasant for us. The neighbors are pleasant. Many invited us into their homes to become better acquainted, thereby enhancing the appeal of living in the building.”

If you want to become better acquainted with Ternes, be sure to make yourself visible! Introduce yourself to the neighbors, then get out and about and visit all the charming stores, cafes, flower shops, and restaurants in this scenic neighborhood.

A calm and contemporary studio in Paris’s center

Image of living area of PA-3675 with sofa, table and chairs, and bookshelf.

Enjoy the sweet simplicity of this Les Halles studio in a great central location! (Rental ID: PA-3675)

The 1st Arrondissement of Paris is defined by proximity to the Seine River, attractions like The Louvre (the world’s most-visited museum!) and Tuileries Garden, and plenty of metro stops. It’s also the home of this easygoing contemporary studio in Les Halles, which is one of our top-rated apartments! The incredible value of this rental comes through not only with the affordable rent, but with the neat, compact space and central location. The apartment adds touches of Parisian style and cheer where it can, including in the bright tile of the kitchenette, the exposed wooden ceiling beams, and the French-style windows.

Our clients also have praised the apartment’s well-maintained appearance, welcoming owner, and high function in a compact space. Lindsy F. of the United States sums it up with her review of this top-rated studio:

“I arrived to find the most welcoming landlord. The apartment which gets wonderful sun light was… very clean with every amenity that I could need, Internet, cable, washer/dryer. If ever I had a problem, I could contact the landlord… The neighborhood was in the perfect location to take advantage of all Paris has to offer. I would highly recommend this apartment, and any other from this owner, as you will feel very well taken care of and totally at home.”

Can’t you just image watching the sunrise in Les Halles from the wide window in this sunny studio? Make the transition to Paris simple and satisfying with this gem of a studio and its excellent host.

Artsy 1-bedroom in Saint-Germain des Prés

Image of living area of PA-3311 with sofa and door to balcony.

This hip 1-bedroom instantly welcomes you with splashes of color in a chic Parisian style! (Rental ID: PA-3311)

If you have a good grasp of what makes Paris so chic, you might think of the city’s sense of exclusivity and refined taste. And if you want an apartment to reflect that, why not take a look at this top-rated 1-bedroom furnished apartment in Saint-Germain des Prés? The apartment embraces a fully modern style, including an open floor plan that lets you look out onto the living area while you cook in the kitchen, great for entertaining guests or just multitasking while you binge-watch!

The kitchen itself is equipped with stainless steel appliances that match the modern aesthetic of the furnishings and are sure to be attractive to any traveler seeking a sense of elevated modernism, be they a student or a businessperson.

Image of balcony of PA-3311 overlooking Paris rooftops.

Unwind at the end of the day on your private balcony with a stunning view. (Rental ID: PA-3311)

What’s more, the entire living area is centered around a wide French door that fills the apartment with sunlight and leads to an extra amenity: a balcony that overlooks the rooftops of Paris and the lively district of Saint-Germain des Prés! The balcony has that sense of exclusivity you may be seeking; after all, it’s a private place to sit and sip your morning coffee, watch the sun rise, or enjoy a romantic glass of wine with your travel partner.

Of course, the balcony has been a highlight in our past client’s reviews, and the friendly owner is an added bonus! Here’s what past tenant I-yun W. of Taiwan had to say about both:

“I had a wonderful stay at the apartment. I fell in love with this bright, full-sunshine place as soon as I stepped into it. The owner of the apartment is really kind and sweet. She helped me a lot and I felt at home right away. The location is beyond perfect, this is a vivid area to stay in Paris… I really love the balcony, so Parisian so chic.”

Get a modern perspective on Paris’s stylish reputation with the help of this 1-bedroom apartment and its charming landlady! If you’re in the market for a balcony, we have other options too; these apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower might be a great place to start.

Elevate your student experience with a 7th Arrondissement studio

Image of living area of PA-4405 with sofa and lofted bed.

The lofted bed and compact kitchenette in this studio make excellent use of space. (Rental ID: PA-4405)

You’re young, you’re in the City of Lights, and you have months to experience all of Paris’s best museums and cultural institutions, go sightseeing, and broaden your horizons. If this sounds like you, you’ll probably want a homey place to crash at the end of a long day. This studio furnished apartment in the 7th Arrondissement might be one of your best bets! The studio is compact, but doesn’t forgo any modern style in its furnishings and décor. A lofted full-sized bed makes the most of the space, giving you and a few friends room to lounge and watch a movie. There’s even a colorful kitchenette and wardrobe for storage!

Anyone coming to Paris to study will also be thrilled to discover that this apartment is near the Latin Quarter, one of Paris’s most intellectual areas and a hub for universities and libraries. You won’t miss any of it if you rent this apartment, as our past client Alexa M. of the United States says:

“This apartment was perfect for me as a single student because it was around the corner from my school and very close to multiple grocery stores and other shops. While the apartment is on the smaller side, the use of space was amazing.”

Image of white tile bathroom in PA-4405.

The high-tech bathroom of this studio adds to its hip style! (Rental ID: PA-4405)

In addition to the location, this 4.7-star rated apartment has a bonus surprise that’s sure to be a hit with students: a fully modern shower outfitted with a stereo system. If you’re a fan of singing in the shower, welcome to your paradise, as our client Kenneth R. of the United States enthusiastically writes:

“Also, this apartment’s shower definitely deserves its own paragraph. No lie it has the dopest shower on La Rive Gauche: not only did it come strapped with an overhead shower faucet, but it also came stacked with 6 side jets AND one of those versatile shower handles… Super shower doesn’t pull its punches when it comes to bass. I’m not playing, there really is a sound system in this shower.”

The flexible location, modern amenities, and fun bonuses are sure to make this apartment a hit with students and young travelers to Paris. Of course, this apartment is ready to welcome all tenants of any age too!

Timeless Latin Quarter 2-bedroom for a memorable Paris experience

Image of living area of PA-3703 with French windows, sofa, and chairs.

This top-rated Latin Quarter apartment has all the charm of old Paris, and looks fit for a royal family. (Rental ID: PA-3703)

We’ve saved a truly splendid Paris find for last: a 2-bedroom furnished apartment in the Latin Quarter that is currently “sitting pretty” with a 4.7-star rating on our website! If you’re looking for a place to form lasting memories of Paris, you can do it here in an apartment that’s as stately as it is welcoming to families and groups. The apartment has fine features reminiscent of a royal’s chambers, including elegant molding, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling French windows. The rental also comes fully furnished with classic and antique-style furniture, tasteful artwork, and extras like a cable TV and decorative fireplace.

As mentioned, this apartment is also hospitable to larger groups and families. Featuring two and a half bathrooms, the apartment gives everyone space to get ready for the day, and the modern kitchen with wraparound countertops was built to feed a family! Sleeping arrangements include a double bed and two single-sized beds, flexible for any family dynamic.

Image of bedroom in PA-3703 with two twin-sized beds.

Families and extra guests can stay comfortably in this furnished apartment with its private, flexible sleeping arrangements. (Rental ID: PA-3703)

What really completes this apartment experience, however, is the stunning location. Just a short walk from Luxembourg Garden, one of the top parks in Paris, the apartment is in a lively area of Paris designed for pedestrians to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the open-air markets and café-lined streets. As past tenant Hannah K. of the United States says, the apartment is an experience itself:

“Our apartment on Rue Pierre Nicole, in the 5eme, was spectacular. Although the pictures of the apartment are compelling, the actual apartment is much nicer than the pictures convey. The Parisian light dances over the window flower boxes, flooding the charming living room each afternoon. The scent of fresh bread and croissants wafted up each morning from the corner boulangerie, a few paces from the apartment. The owners… made us feel like family.”

What better way to introduce your family or friends to Paris than with a rental that comes with the experience of living on a classic Paris street, with a friendly host in contact? In fact—what better way to experience Paris than from a top-rated furnished apartment rental? If you’re feeling inspired by the words of our past tenants, start planning your stay by getting in touch with a New York Habitat agent who can help you live the dream of Paris that you envision.

Whether you rent an apartment with a high rating or try something completely new, the human side of renting with a licensed agent and a caring host in one of the greatest cities in the world is sure to make your experience memorable.