Paris is known as the City of Love for a reason. With its cobblestone streets, cozy café terraces, and bohemian atmosphere, the city creates an atmosphere for lovers. If you’re traveling on a budget or within a fixed time frame, the options can be overwhelming, but never fear! Our list of these top 10 romantic activities in Paris will help you find your bearings and make the most of your Paris getaway with your significant other.

1. Bateaux Mouches

Image of a bateau mouche (tourist boat) on the Seine River by the Eiffel Tower
Paris’s most famous sights are best seen from a bateau mouche on the River Seine

As Paris’s literal and symbolic center, the Seine River has always been a driving force of city life. In fact, most of Paris’s most popular sights are best seen from the river itself! One of the best ways to engage with the city is to take a bateau mouche, or open tour boat, on a slow cruise down the Seine. While some boats simply tour the major sights, others have special dining experiences and entertainment, making the experience a night to remember.

2. Picnic on the Esplanade des Invalides

The Champs de Mars underneath the Eiffel Tower is always a favorite with travelers in Paris, but the nearby Invalides Esplanade offers stunning views with a fraction of the crowds. Grab a baguette sandwich from a local boulangerie, or stop by one of Paris’s traditional markets and take your pick of the fresh local food. Afterwards, walk to this riverside park and enjoy your meal in the shadow of the glittering Invalides dome. Champs de Mars – Les Invalides is one of the most beautiful areas in Paris and a great neighborhood for your stay!

3. Canal Saint-Martin

Image of young people lounging on the side of the Canal Saint-Martin
Spend an afternoon exploring the cafés and shops by the Canal Saint-Martin

A perennial favorite with couples and younger Parisians, the Canal Saint-Martin in the hip 10th Arrondissement is a perfect spot for an afternoon stroll or an intimate meal on a café terrace. Some of the city’s trendiest restaurants are by the canal. We recommend Chez Prune for a spin on traditional French dishes or Le Comptoir Général for an eclectic bar adventure. There’s more to be discovered in the bustling République neighborhood, a great area in which to stay during your trip.

4. Le Marais

Image of a musician playing for tourists on a cobbled street in Le Marais, Paris
The old Paris meets the new on the cobbled streets of Le Marais

Le Marais is perhaps Paris’s most well-known neighborhood and has seen many changes on its cobblestone streets in the past several hundred years. “The marsh” was first home to French nobility, then to the medieval underclasses, then the city’s 19th-century Jewish population, and finally became a vibrant LGBT district before its late 20th-century revival as a high-end art hub. You can experience all the layers of history on a brief walk down the Rue des Rosiers. L’As du Falafel denotes the modern Jewish community here, and towards the Place des Vosges, the royal square’s arcades shelter galleries and cafés overlooking the classic French gardens.

5. Centre Pompidou

Image of the Place Beaubourg in front of the Centre Pompidou in Paris
The Place Beaubourg outside the Pompidou museum fills with visitors year-round

Centre Pompidou (known as Beaubourg to locals after the surrounding area) is an art complex that emerges abruptly from the city’s iconic architecture. It’s home to a movie theater, a public library, and most notably France’s National Museum of Modern Art. After exploring the unique exhibits here, climb to the roof for one of the best (and free) views of the city skyline. A small café bar allows you to savor the moment with a drink in hand as you look out over the Left Bank.

6. Notre Dame & Pont de l’Archevêché

No lover’s trip to Paris would be complete without a visit to one of our must-see Paris destinations, Notre Dame de Paris. While the expressive Gothic architecture and breathtaking rose window on the church’s façade are its most famous aspects, be sure to walk around the back to admire the flying buttresses that gracefully support the massive structure. A small park behind the apse is a peaceful oasis from the tourist crowds, and the adjacent bridge offers views of the Right and Left Banks and the Île Saint-Louis across the way.

7. Montmartre

Paris’s northernmost neighborhood has much to offer visiting lovers, from the white dome of Sacré-Coeur (a romantic name in itself!) to the narrow-stepped streets that wind through the area. Favorite attractions include the funicular, an uphill railway that spares you the steep walk up to Sacré-Coeur as a free transfer from the metro, and the Clos Montmartre, the city’s last remaining vineyard.

8. Musée Rodin

Image of The Thinker, Rodin’s statue, in public plaza
The Thinker, Rodin's most famous sculpture, is located at the Musée Rodin

The Rodin Museum is just around the corner from the Invalides’ golden dome and feels more like a Loire Valley chateau than a building in the 7th Arrondissement of Paris. The mansion and surrounding estate host the famous 19th-century sculptor’s work and are worth allotting a few hours for a visit. Don’t miss The Kiss. This one of Rodin’s best-known sculptures was inspired by the artist’s steamy love affair with fellow sculptor Camille Claudel, who has a gallery dedicated to her work.

9. La Petite Ceinture & Parc André Citroen

Take advantage of the nice weather and head to southern Paris to visit some of the city’s most unique parks! You can start by the Porte de Versailles on the Left Bank and stroll down the Petite Ceinture (“little belt”), a once-abandoned rail line that has been given new life as a park at the city’s edge. Follow it to the west and you’ll find yourself in the riverside Parc André Citroen, a modernist marvel named for the car mogul and inspired by his groundbreaking designs.

10. Eiffel Tower

Image of the Eiffel Tower from across the River Seine in Trocadero Park
The Eiffel Tower has to be experienced firsthand to truly appreciate its size

No Paris checklist would be complete without the Eiffel Tower, the city’s most famous monument and a symbol of France all over the world. Ever since it opened its doors in 1889 for the centenary of the French Revolution, the Tour Eiffel has continued to update itself to modern tastes. Some of the latest additions you can enjoy are the view through the transparent floor on the first story of the tower and the champagne bar at the top. The whole area is worth enjoying for the stunning sunset views it offers. Save time by planning your reservation online in advance.

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