The South of France has been an international vacation destination for centuries, with scores of adoring foreigners lending their names to prominent places such as the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Take part in the grand tradition of leisure and joie de vivre in Provence and the French Riviera during your trip with our vacation rentals! There are plenty of options for recreation, relaxation, and everything in between. With our wide selection of vacation rentals, you won’t have any trouble finding a unique home away from home with features that the whole family will love.

1. Stunning ocean views

Image of two outdoor patio chairs on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
Picturesque views are just one of the many benefits of living by the sea

The Mediterranean Sea has always been a vital part of life in the South of France and important to its culture and identity. Today, its warm blue waters are one of the biggest draws for visitors to the region. You too can enjoy the hundreds of miles of craggy coastline and dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea. For one, you can enjoy amazing views of the water from right outside your door at our 6-bedroom rental in Bormes Les Mimosas. This hilltop vacation rental will blow you away!

2. Garden pool

Image of a pool with a white stone border surrounded by trees and bushes
Graceful white stone and lush trees encircle this urban pool in Nice

You can find peace even in the most urban corner of the South of France with a calm pool surrounded by greenery. Nice is one of the most popular destinations on the French Riviera thanks to its vibrant culture and stunning coastline. The excitement peaks at the Nice Carnival, one of the top yearly events in the South of France. Our 2-bedroom rental in Nice, French Riviera gives you the best of both the city’s urban and bucolic worlds, so you don’t have to compromise. You can retreat to this home and relax after a long day of exploring to let your troubles float away!

3. Sun-bathed terrace

Image of a sunny terrace with a pool and lounge chairs at a villa in Boulbon, near Avignon
Forget your troubles by relaxing on this sun-bathed terrace in Boulbon, near Avignon

A villa in the South of France is its own little world, as our 5-bedroom vacation rental in Boulbon shows. You can spend hours relaxing by the pool or under the greenery of the terrace trellis. Whether you’re trying to build a nice tan under the Provençal sun or enjoy the breeze without getting burned, this expansive poolside terrace is the perfect spot to do it all! Once you’ve restored your energy, the excitement of historic Avignon is only a few kilometers away.

4. Indoor/outdoor living room

Image of a terrace with sofas and lounge chairs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
This villa’s living room opens onto a terrace with Mediterranean views

One of the greatest benefits of the warm, dry Provençal climate is that in summertime, the line between indoors and outdoors is unnecessary. In this 5-bedroom vacation rental in La Gaude, French Riviera, there is no line between the indoor living room and the outdoor terrace. Your family can soak up the sun during the day and enjoy fresh Mediterranean breezes in the evenings. There are even outdoor heaters, so visitors arriving in the colder months can enjoy the fresh air without catching a cold.

5. Infinity pool

Image of an infinity pool backed by a garden and the guesthouse of a Provençal mas
This converted Provençal mas has a sleek infinity pool that overlooks the garden

Just a few kilometers away from the picturesque streets of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence sits this unique vacation rental. The authentic Provençal mas, or farmstead, has been converted into a stunning accommodation for over 12 guests! The meticulously decorated rooms and expansive common areas aren’t even the most stunning features of this home. It’s the infinity pool that makes the villa stand out– it extends all the way to the edge of the garden, with the water appearing to have no border. Despite its nickname, la bergerie, or “the sheep pen,” this 7-bedroom rental in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence is more than just a rustic getaway. It’s a luxurious resort for your family!

6. On-site tennis club

Image of a tennis court surrounded by greenery in a luxury residential development
You’ll find a private tennis club in the luxury residence surrounding this villa.

Our vacation rentals aren’t all hidden away in the backcountry of Provence. Some are integrated into upscale residential developments with unbeatable amenities! This 6-bedroom vacation rental in Gigaro  La Croix Valmer, French Riviera is a prime example. It has access to a private tennis club for aspiring athletes. Between the beach, the private 25 meter pool, and the tennis club, you’ll have lots of recreational options in the proximity of your home base.

7. Walking distance to the beach

Image of a small cove on the Mediterranean Sea with stone steps leading to the beach
The Mediterranean’s turquoise waters are only a few stone steps away from this rental

Among the most remarkable aspects of the French Riviera’s splendid coast are its dramatic limestone cliffs and rocky coves. Some of the most charming beaches in France are tucked away in the peninsulas and inlets that pepper the Mediterranean littoral. If exploring the coast is one of your family trip goals, you’ll have many rental options within walking distance of the beach. One of the best is this 3-bedroom rental in Hyères, French Riviera, which gives you the choice of lounging on the sunny terrace, taking a dip in the scenic pool, or descending to the Mediterranean for a swim. On the Hyères peninsula, you’ll have lots of bathing beaches just minutes from your door!

8. Lush gardens

Image of a villa in Provence covered with flowering plants and surrounded by a garden
Lose yourself in the natural beauty surrounding this South of France villa

While the South of France might have a reputation for its dry brush (la garrigue), the warm sunshine of the Mediterranean creates lush gardens around many of the unique homes in the region. This 3-bedroom rental in Gigaro – La Croix Valmer has a garden that isn’t just outside the home, but all around it! Children will love the wild jungle atmosphere of this garden villa, while parents can admire the color and perfume of the flowers that serve as natural decoration on the building’s exterior. Meanwhile, the whole family will appreciate that the Mediterranean beaches of Gigaro are just a few minutes away along the garden path.

9. Outdoor kitchen

Image of the dining area in an outdoor kitchen with a wood stove and sink
You can try your hand at Provençal cuisine and dine outside at this villa!

One of the benefits of the Mediterranean Coast’s temperate climate is that you’ll find yourself as comfortable outside on the terrace as you are indoors on the couch. There’s no better way to take advantage of the beautiful weather than to enjoy legendary Provençal cuisine in the great outdoors. You’ll have plenty of options for cooking en plein air with our vacation rentals. For example, our 4-bedroom rental in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence has an outdoor sink and hotplate, as well as a wood-burning stove for trying your hand at Provençal-style pizza, French coq au vin and more! Fresh ingredients can be found at our top 5 markets in Provence.

10. Unique garden

Image of a garden with a pool, flowers, cactuses and trees behind a villa in Provence
This French Riviera villa has a botanical garden’s worth of floral diversity in the backyard

While a charming garden is an important aspect of any vacation home, in Provence, the backyard is elevated to a new level. In the bright, sunny climate of the South of France, colorful flowers can thrive alongside towering pines and even prickly cacti outside homes like our 3-bedroom rental in La Croix Valmer, French Riviera. The creative mix of vegetation isn’t the only unique aspect of this vacation rental. You can also enjoy the nature reserve that surrounds the town of La Croix Valmer, as well as swim in the house’s pool or at the beach, which is a short drive away.

Between the luxurious poolside terraces, convenient recreational amenities, and natural beauty of our South of France rentals, you might find yourself never wanting to leave your villa. The exciting culture, cuisine, history, and art overflows from major cities like Marseille, Nice, and Avignon into the surrounding countryside, giving you plenty of temptations to explore. However you choose to spend your South of France vacation, we know that our fully-furnished vacation rentals will be the perfect place from which to do it all.