Image of an open window with views of the Eiffel Tower and Paris rooftops.

Find a unique perspective on Paris from the comfort of a furnished vacation rental!

See a different side of Paris! While the city is an international travel destination favored by millions of visitors per year, only a fraction of the tourist traffic to the City of Lights gets to experience it from a local’s perspective. When you opt for a vacation rental instead of a hotel, you can enjoy the opportunity to live in the authentic apartment of a local resident without the commitment of a monthly or yearly lease (though if you’re interested, we have monthly furnished apartment rentals in Paris as well!).

What makes some travelers hesitate to book a vacation rental is the uncertainty you may incur from staying outside of a hotel. Fortunately, booking with New York Habitat can help alleviate those concerns! Your booking process will be facilitated with the help of a licensed agent who will also be around to liaise with your apartment’s owner and answer your questions during the rental process. You can read our blog for a better idea of what to expect in a French apartment if you’re coming from abroad.

Finally, our apartment database uses an extensive review system that allows past renters to share their apartment experiences and owners to keep track of feedback for improvement. Over the years, a few of our apartments have earned the distinguished title of being top-rated vacation rentals. Read on for a tour of five of our most-loved vacation rental apartments with feedback from past travelers like you!

An elevated view of Paris from a highly-rated Saint-Germain alcove studio

Image of living area in PA-2473 with sofa and chairs.

Enjoy Paris charm and views from a private balcony with a stay in this alcove studio. (Rental ID: PA-2473)

You haven’t truly experienced a city until you’ve seen it from a bird’s-eye view. This is especially true in Paris, where thousands of tourists flock to the Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, or the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre simply to absorb the view of the city below. Another way to get a fabulous view of Paris is with a front-row seat from a vacation rental like this alcove studio in Saint-Germain des Prés.

The studio embraces its Paris heritage with hallmarks like parquet wood floors and exposed beams. The space is well-organized thanks to its layout that separates the kitchen and dining area from the sitting room, where you can enjoy music on the stereo or entertainment on the television with international cable. The double bed and sleeping alcove is also partitioned from the main living room by a heavy curtain, which tenants have praised for its seclusion.

Image of kitchen in PA-2473 with dining table and chairs.

Windows run along the entire back wall of this rental, drenching the apartment in sunlight. (Rental ID: PA-2473)

What really ties the space together is the wall of windows running from the living area through the kitchen! The view from the apartment looks over the rooftops of Paris, and if you can’t get enough, you can also see it firsthand from the spacious private balcony. The apartment currently holds a 4.6-star rating with 31 reviews, and past tenants like Katrine H. from Denmark have praised the apartment both inside and out:

“We had a wonderful stay in Paris – the apartment is lovely, perfect for a family of 4. The view is amazing and the broad balcony is definitely an absolute plus – we loved it!”

The owner and experience are so revered, in fact, that some clients like Carey J. of the United States have wanted to make this apartment the only place they stay in Paris:

“Olivier, the owner, is just the best. Love this apartment. I dream about the view and it is the only apartment I want to stay in anymore in Paris. Anytime I stay somewhere else, no matter how upscale etc, I end up missing this place.”

For a vacation rental with charm, a fantastic view, and a central location in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, try this sunny alcove studio!

Soak up the sun in a Latin Quarter 3-bedroom rental

Image of living area in PA-1331 with red sofa, chairs, piano and decorative fireplace.

The cheery atmosphere of this vacation rental and its location in the intellectual Latin Quarter is sure to stir up some lively conversation with friends. (Rental ID: PA-1331)

Whether you’re visiting Paris during the peak summer season or taking advantage of the laid-back fall and winter, you’ll not want to miss a drop of sunshine. Fortunately, this 5-star rated 3-bedroom Latin Quarter vacation rental is here to oblige! With its white walls, brightly-colored furniture, and numerous French doors and windows, this apartment lets plenty of light shine into the central living area, the sun room that doubles as a dining space, and the full modern kitchen.

Image of sun room in PA-1331 with small table and chairs, decorative fireplace and French windows.

Dine or enjoy the sunshine in this extra living room with wide French windows. (Rental ID: PA-1331)

The apartment sleeps 8 adults comfortably thanks to its three bedrooms, and the luxurious kitchen’s granite countertops and modern appliances will give you even more encouragement to entertain. You’ll also enjoy the ambiance of the Latin Quarter, an area of the city known for its rich cultural history, libraries and universities. Past tenant Harry B. of the United States noted the stylish neighborhood atmosphere of this rental in his 5-star review:

“Three generations of our family stayed in this wonderfully equipped and located apartment. Fabulous book and music collections were extras we had not expected. The ambiance was reflective of the Latin Quarter.”

If you’re seeking a bright and spirited apartment that’s primed for making new memories with close friends and family in Paris, you can’t do wrong with this top-rated vacation rental in the Latin Quarter.

Celebrate creativity with an unforgettable stay in Le Marais

Image of living area of PA-1460 with blue sofa, flat-screen television and wall art.

The modern style of this Le Marais vacation rental fosters a creative state of mind. (Rental ID: PA-1460)

One of the most unique and commendable features of a vacation rental is its individuality and personal character. You’ll find plenty of authentic Paris character in this top-rated 2-bedroom Le Marais vacation rental! Despite being located in one of the most historic areas in all of Paris, the apartment embraces a modern aesthetic with its white-washed walls, funky furniture, and colorful collection of artwork. The space also offers modern comforts and conveniences like a flat-screen cable television and a washing machine and dryer in the apartment.

The kitchen is sleek and contemporary as well, with all-white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. You won’t feel too divorced from the historic charm of Le Marais, though—there are wide windows in both bedrooms that look out onto the neighborhood.

Image of street-side café in Le Marais.

Walk around the neighborhood in Le Marais and you’ll find plenty of beautiful architecture and casual cafés.

Speaking of the neighborhood, Le Marais is a charming match of beautiful 17th-century buildings and squares like the Place des Vosges and modern city mainstays like boutique shops, brunch cafés and an artsy vibe. This unification of classic and modern makes the neighborhood a place that will satisfy most travelers! If you don’t believe us, read the words of our past renter Norman B., of South Africa:

“The apartment provided an experience of a typical week in Le Marais, a stunning part of Paris. The surrounding area is everything we expected – really special. The apartment itself… has a lovely feel. I think the area lends itself to being creative and arty – and the owner(s) are clearly artistic people – which we identified with.”

Let your individuality thrive with a vacation rental as unique as you are! Besides being centrally located, vacation rentals can be accommodations that reflect your personal style and let you assume the identity of a local during your travels.

Get in touch with your natural side in a “tres calme” vacation rental!

Image of living area in PA-4237 with lounge seating, floor lamp, and artwork.

The earthy vibe and surrounding greenery lend to a relaxing and peaceful space in this Bastille vacation rental. (Rental ID: PA-4237)

As much as we love big cities like Paris, it’s always nice to come home to a vacation accommodation that acts as a peaceful escape from a busy day. Paris has some of the most trafficked museums and attractions in the world, so if you’re feeling tired of the crowds, try retiring to this 1-bedroom vacation rental in Bastille!

The duplex apartment is decorated with artifacts from the owners’ travels, giving it a worldly and bohemian vibe. Oak exposed beams give the apartment a double dose of natural Parisian style, and wide windows flood the space with natural light. Most of all, the apartment is located in a building that’s shared with only one other unit and wraps around a private garden that secludes the space from the busy Paris streets.

All this privacy creates a vacation rental atmosphere that’s continually praised for its peaceful atmosphere and sense of relaxation. Stephen T. of Australia said it himself in his review:

“The really notable thing about the apartment is what an oasis of calm it is. Paris, for all its delights, is a… demanding city, and it’s a huge relief to come back to an apartment which is almost ridiculously quiet. Three out of the four windows face onto greenery and we woke up to (raucous) birdsong. I really can’t stress enough how nice it was to retreat from the bustle of Paris to the quiet of our apartment.”

In fact, some past tenants found the rental so peaceful, they hardly wanted to leave! See our Belgian traveler Emma G.’s review:

“A really well worked out space that was more than adequate and extremely comfortable. I could have spent the whole day there and not left the view from the window onto the extraordinary garden.”

Even the biggest fans of Paris may want to check out this tranquil vacation rental that offers a secluded niche in the bustling City of Lights. And don’t worry; getting around couldn’t be easier, as the nearest metro station is just half a block away!

Say “bonjour” to the iconic view from this Invalides rental

Image of bedroom in PA-3384 with chair and open window.

Wake up to a postcard-quality view of the Eiffel Tower from your bedroom window! (Rental ID: PA-3384)

Most travelers to Paris spend hours poring over travel guidebooks, making a list of places to go sightseeing, and of course, planning their trip to the iconic Eiffel Tower. Why not enjoy a front-row seat? There could not be a vacation rental that’s more “Paris” than this 1-bedroom Invalides vacation rental with views of the Eiffel Tower!

The tasteful, modern, minimalist style of this Paris apartment is sure to please most travelers. Wood floors, white walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, and a white-tiled kitchen and bathroom are timeless touches that make the space feel homey to travelers from all corners of the globe. What’s more, the apartment has a private furnished terrace for enjoying the view over Paris’s rooftops and the Invalides dome.

Image of living area in PA-3384 with chairs, television, and French doors to the balcony.

The fresh, modern style of this Invalides vacation rental makes it just as nice on the inside as the views are from the outside. (Rental ID: PA-3384)

Undoubtedly, this apartment has a Paris view that is sought by travelers from around the world. The proof is in the apartment’s stellar reviews: it currently holds a 4.7-star rating with 47 reviews from past renters hailing from eight different countries. Besides the view, the location and the apartment’s kind hostess are frequently praised. See the review of our past client Paul F. from Canada for yourself!

“Once again this apartment was simply the best from a space and location standpoint. This was my second time staying in this apartment and well worth it. Everything worked, Marie was fantastic and I would highly recommend this apartment for one or two people. Location, location location and who can ever get tired of the views of The Eiffel Tower and The Golden Dome!”

Whether it’s your first time in Paris or you’re a repeat visitor, this apartment is a quintessential vacation rental to welcome you to the city. In fact, any of our top-rated vacation rentals will do! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take a look at the other Paris vacation rentals in our inventory to find the one that’s perfect for you, or send us a request to get in touch with an agent who is eager to put their Paris knowledge to work? Who knows—maybe you’d even like to extend your stay in Paris with a top-rated furnished apartment. There’s only one way to find out: start planning your trip!