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New York Neighborhoods

Image of brownstone steps Central Harlem’s rich history means it is home to the traditional brownstone apartment

Welcome to Central Harlem:

Perhaps no neighborhood in New York can match Harlem for its artistic and cultural output, thanks to the works of its African-American community. The Cotton Club at 142nd and Lenox made icons of bandleader/composer Duke Ellington and singer Lena Horne; activist Marcus Garvey is immortalized by the eponymous park; and famous residents have included the likes of Maya Angelou and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Central Harlem is north of Central Park, south of the Harlem River, west of 5th Avenue and Harlem River Drive, and east of Morningside Park and Edgecombe Avenue (guide to the neighboring districts of Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights here). Although an area of historical significance for centuries (the Continental Army successfully prevented the British from invading New York during the American Revolution), Harlem became world-famous thanks to the period known as the Harlem Renaissance. The era, linked to the 1920s, witnessed an explosion of literature and the arts from the district’s black population. Read the entire story here…»


Image of Greenwich Village street corner This is the kind of charming street corner you’ll often see in Greenwich Village

Jack Kerouac wrote here. Jackson Pollock painted here. Odetta sang here. Greenwich Village – referred to by locals as simply “the Village” – and the West Village have traditionally stood as refuge for New York’s misfits – beatniks, bohemians, artists and the LGBTQ community, to name a few. For decades these enclaves in Lower Manhattan stood at the forefront of the city’s cultural heart: a place where folk music and avant-garde art could thrive. Today, you’ll find many designer boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and very few bohemians – but the historical impact of these artistic iconoclasts’ lives on.

Welcome to Greenwich Village and the West Village:

Resting in downtown Manhattan, the Greenwich and West Villages are north of Soho, south of Chelsea, west of the Hudson River, and east of the East Village (take a look at our guide to this district here). Once a site of industry, the neighborhood was claimed by New York’s nonconformist crowd and fostered the talents of some of America’s greatest artists. Due to the district’s upscale makeover, most of the remaining artists have been priced out of the Village, but the neighborhood has never forgotten its roots. You’ll find a mix of artsy businesses, concert venues and designer fashions, which sit wedged between beautifully preserved brownstones. Upper class residents – think movie stars and Wall Street businessmen – rub shoulders with hip NYU students. And as with elsewhere in Manhattan, the districts are served by multiple subway lines and bus routes, which means shuttling over to other parts of New York will be a breeze. Our video tour of Greenwich Village will help you visualize the bustling district. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of Lower East Side tenement apartment buildings in a row Tenement apartment buildings line the streets of the Lower East Side

When most people think of Manhattan, they think of the grand stores and fancy high-rises in Midtown and the Financial District. What most people don’t realize is that it’s often the smaller neighborhoods which offer the richness and diversity that has made New York City famous throughout the world. This is especially true for the Lower East Side, making it a premier destination spot for anyone looking for an authentic New York City experience.

Welcome to the Lower East Side of Manhattan

The Lower East Side was for many years a working class neighborhood, home to immigrants who left their mother shores for prosperity in America. As such it has hosted a diverse group of people and cultures, including Jews, Italians, Irish, Poles and Ukrainians, and was at one point even known as Little Germany. More recently it has been home to Puerto Rican and Dominican communities, though in the early 2000s it started to undergo rapid gentrification. It now features upscale boutiques and swanky restaurants. An historic neighborhood, it is best known for its cultural landmarks and lively late-night music scene.

The Lower East Side is generally bordered by East Houston Street to the north, Canal Street to the south, Bowery to the west, and the East River to the east. Due to a combination of forces, The National Trust for Historic Preservation has placed the Lower East Side on its list of America’s Most Endangered Places. Nearby subway lines include the J, F, and M lines. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Park Avenue. Photo :Asim Bharwani Park Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Photo: Asim Bharwani

Of all the beautiful neighborhoods in Manhattan, there are probably none that better captures the spirit of the chic and stylish New York City lifestyle as the Upper East Side. This neighborhood is famous for its classic brownstone buildings, tree-lined streets, world-class museums and restaurants, and of course its affluent inhabitants. Movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and TV series such as Sex and the City have cemented the Upper East Side as an international iconic symbol of luxurious living.

The largely residential neighborhood is one of the most sought after areas to live in New York. In this article we’ll show you what it’s like to stay in the amazing Upper East Side!

Welcome to Manhattan’s Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is a Manhattan neighborhood that’s lodged between Central Park to the west and the East River to the east, 96th Street in the north and 59th Street in the south. Its great popularity has much to do with the ideal location of the neighborhood on the island of Manhattan: it’s right beside the most famous park in New York and close to many of the city’s most beautiful landmarks, including the Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers. The gorgeous houses and apartment buildings of the Upper East Side have been inhabited by the likes of Woody Allen, Michael Bloomberg and Madonna. The neighborhood is simply brimming with celebrated restaurants and high-end stores that all cater to its residents. It’s an ideal neighborhood to stay during a visit to the city, as it’s also well serviced by the metro: the 4,5 & 6 lines run along Lexington Avenue. This makes it easy to commute to school or work, as well as to explore other interesting areas in the city! Read the entire story here…»


View of rooftops in Manhattan’s East Village East Village rooftops in Manhattan. Photo by John Weiss.

Mix up trendy cafes with grungy bars, busy New York streets with peaceful community gardens, add a touch of bohemian spirit and you’ll find yourself in Manhattan’s East Village! The East Village is set among many of Manhattan’s most famous neighborhoods, and as such it provides the perfect base to explore Manhattan from. When you decide to stay in the East Village during a visit to Manhattan, you’ll never want for things to see or do: the neighborhood offers some of the best in dining, shopping & nightlife!

Welcome to Manhattan’s East Village

The East Village is set among some of the nicest neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan. It’s bordered by 14th Street and Gramercy to the north, 4th Avenue and Greenwich Village to the west, East Houston Street and the Lower East Side to the south, and the East River to the east. Formerly home to many immigrants, the East Village developed a new identity after the Beatniks moved into the neighborhood in the 1950s. Artists, musicians and hippies followed soon after, and the East Village became the birthplace of artistic movements such as punk rock. Famous bands such as the Ramones performed for the first time at the legendary East Village nightclub CBGB, and artists such as Andy Warhol displayed art installations in the neighborhood. Towards the end of the 20th century the musical Rent portrayed the life of struggling artists in the bohemian East Village. Read the entire story here…»


Image of the Upper West Side and Central Park, Manhattan The Upper West Side and Central Park seen from Midtown Manhattan

If your heart is set on staying in Manhattan for an upcoming trip to New York City, consider the vibrant neighborhood of the Upper West Side! The Upper West Side is ideally located within the borough of Manhattan: it borders Central Park and is close to many famous landmarks of the Big Apple. The upscale Upper West Side is also well known for its great selection of stores, restaurants and, not to forget, apartments! Its lively yet residential environment makes this neighborhood perfect for both short-term and long-term stays in New York City.

Welcome to the Upper West Side

Like its name suggests, the Upper West Side is located in the northwest of Manhattan. It’s bordered by Morningside Heights to the north, Central Park to the east, Hell’s Kitchen to the south and the Hudson River to the west. This means it’s lodged between West 59th Street & West 110th Street, between the river and the park. Because of this, the Upper West Side is a very green neighborhood with many amazing parks and tree-lined streets. The architecture is also quite striking, with beautiful brownstones alternated by great old apartment buildings close to Central Park. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of Hamilton Heights houses in Upper Manhattan A typical row of houses in Hamilton Heights, Upper Manhattan

Is your heart set on staying in Manhattan during an upcoming visit to New York City? Upper Manhattan is a fantastic and affordable area to consider where you can stay for holidays, studies or work! Most neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan are largely residential, allowing you an extensive selection of homes to choose from.

Exactly what constitutes as Upper Manhattan is often disputed, but generally speaking its borders are 110th Street (or the northern border of Central Park) to the south, the Hudson River to the west, Inwood Hill Park at the northern tip of Manhattan to the north, and the Harlem River to the east. This area is easily accessed by the subway, as there are 4 different subway lines that pass through Upper Manhattan (The 1, the A/B/C/D, the 2/3, and the 4/5/6 lines). Because of this, Upper Manhattan offers easy access to Lower and Midtown Manhattan.

In this article we’ll highlight three popular neighborhoods in Upper Manhattan: Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights and Washington Heights. We chose these three neighborhoods because they’re not as well known among tourists as some other uptown neighborhoods such as Harlem, but offer fantastic and affordable accommodation options. Furthermore, these Upper Manhattan neighborhoods are family-friendly, and have plenty to offer when it comes to shopping, restaurants, nightlife and culture. Read the entire story here…»


A view of Chelsea in Manhattan Chelsea in Midtown Manhattan

Manhattan has many fantastic neighborhoods to stay during holidays (or long visits!) in New York City. One of the most central, beautiful, artsy and exciting of these neighborhoods is Chelsea. Its central location and close proximity to many of New York’s best landmarks makes Chelsea an ideal destination for a holiday to New York! Chelsea is also a largely residential neighborhood, making it a great option for travelers seeking long-term rentals. Read the entire story here…»


Picture of the Hell’s Kitchen skyline with skyscrapers Hell’s Kitchen’s skyline and its Midtown West skyscrapers

When you’re planning a trip to New York City, chances are you’ll want to stay in Manhattan. In Manhattan you will find many of New York’s famous attractions and landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. Manhattan is also home to various Universities and is the financial center of the city. So if you’re coming to New York to study, do an internship, or work; Manhattan is the place to be.

However, it can sometimes be difficult too find affordable accommodation in a residential neighborhood in Manhattan. But there are some neighborhoods that are an exception and which manage to combine all the best of Manhattan: great apartments, fantastic restaurants and a thriving cultural life. Hell’s Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan is such a neighborhood. In this article, we’ll introduce you to Hell’s Kitchen and paint you a picture of what it is like to live in this great neighborhood of the best city in the world! Read the entire story here…»


Picture of Times Square at dusk in New York City New York City’s Times Square at dusk

Times Square in New York City is perhaps the most famous square in the whole world. It’s certainly been estimated Times Square is the world’s most visited tourist attraction. When you visit Times Square in Midtown Manhattan it’s easy to see why: tourists from all over the globe come to marvel at the neon billboards, see a famous musical, go shopping in the area and soak up the unique Times Square vibe.

In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about the history of Times Square, and give you tips on what to see and do to make the most of your trip to the iconic New York City square! Read the entire story here…»