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Image of NYC skyline from terrace Brooklyn is home to live music of all genres, so head out and discover a new artist or venue!

No city compares to NYC when it comes to enjoying live music, whether you’re at a bar, concert venue, or café. There are countless places to hear some music while you enjoy some drinks or dance the night away. But before you head out on the town, keep reading to find out our top apartment picks for all you live music lovers out there! Read the entire story here…»


Image of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Overlooking the East River, Williamsburg is a hip neighborhood and full of vitality

Brooklyn has always marched to the beat of its own drum, with a rich array of cultural enclaves, artistic and architectural triumphs and outdoor attractions separate from its New York siblings. (Check out this Brooklyn guide for further proof.) Recent years, however, have intensified the borough’s popularity. Although the neighborhood of Williamsburg has existed since the early 19th century, the past decade has made it the poster child for Brooklyn’s widespread recognition.

Welcome to Williamsburg, in Brooklyn

Williamsburg lies in the westernmost area of Brooklyn. It is situated north of Bedford-Stuyvesant, south of Greenpoint, west of Bushwick, and east of the East River. Originally an industrial epicenter, Williamsburg is now associated with the hipster and indie music scenes. Like much of Manhattan, the borough abounds with celebrities, from current residents like actors Ed Westwick and Zoe Kravitz to those born or raised in the neighborhood pre-reinvention, like author Henry Miller, award-winning star Barbra Streisand, and singer Barry Manilow.

Williamsburg’s proximity to Manhattan makes it an attractive option for anyone living in the city. The Williamsburg Bridge connects the Brooklyn district to the Lower East Side of Manhattan (discover our neighborhood guide of the Lower East Side) while multiple subway lines run underneath the neighborhood. When staying in New York City, don’t rule out the outer boroughs – Williamsburg might just be the perfect fit for you! Read the entire story here…»


Picture of brownstones in Park Slope, Brooklyn Classic brownstone houses in Brooklyn’s Park Slope

Whether you’re coming to New York City for a short holiday or you’re planning to stay a little longer, Brooklyn is a fantastic alternative to Manhattan when it comes to accommodation. Not only are the housing prices lower, but by staying in one of Brooklyn’s many neighborhoods you’ll also be able to feel like a true local in New York City instead of just a tourist. Not to mention that the neighborhoods in Brooklyn are often much greener, prettier and at least as safe as those in Manhattan. Park Slope is one Brooklyn neighborhood that combines all these great characteristics. Read the entire story here…»


Image of brownstone houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Typical Brooklyn brownstone houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant

Whether it be for a holiday or a place to live, New York City has always been a very attractive destination. People traveling to the city sometimes have a tendency to think of New York City and Manhattan as the same thing. Luckily, in recent years more and more visitors have started to explore the other boroughs in New York City as well. Brooklyn in particular has gone through a true revival. Neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, DUMBO and Vinegar Hill have been recognized as both great holiday destinations and as wonderful locations to live. Still, some other thriving neighborhoods in the center of Brooklyn have missed out on this new attention given to Brooklyn.

That’s why in this article we’ll highlight Bedford-Stuyvesant, and show you all the great perks of staying here during your holiday or on a longer visit to New York City! Read the entire story here…»


Bargemusic Logo Bargemusic Logo

These days we hear so much about Brooklyn’s storied renaissance that it’s sometimes easy to forget about the people and institutions who laid the groundwork for the borough’s spectacular resurgence in the last decade-plus.

One such pioneering organization is Bargemusic, “the floating concert hall,” which for the last 35 years has been presenting chamber music concerts inside an old coffee barge docked on the East River, at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Patrons stroll up a gangplank into an inviting wood-paneled room, seating approximately 175 people, where they can enjoy both resonant acoustics and a stunning view of lower Manhattan right across the river. (The gently swaying motion as you sit and listen to, say, a Beethoven string quartet is another bonus, depending on taste.) Read the entire story here…»


In this video tour of New York we’re going to continue to explore the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights.

This is the second of our two-part series on this fantastic New York neighborhood located in the Borough of Brooklyn.  Make sure to watch the first part of our Video Tour of Brooklyn Heights.

Video tour of Brooklyn Heights, New York: Part 2 (7:39)

Brooklyn Heights is located just across the Brooklyn Bridge from Lower Manhattan.

Montague Street

Montague Street  is the neighborhood’s “main” retail street and is lined with cafes and shops.

Many of the buildings along Montague Street have beautiful architectural details, like wrought iron railings. The church of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity, at the corner of Clinton Street, is a national historic landmark dating back to 1844 and is known for its elaborate stained glass windows.

Brooklyn used to be called the “city of churches,” so there are many spires to be seen here. Read the entire story here…»


The Brooklyn Academy of Music The Brooklyn Academy of Music

So it’s 2012 already – and maybe you’ve seen all the big fall shows, and all the movies that are supposed to be award contenders. With the new year underway, it’s time to banish the post-holiday doldrums and start looking ahead – to the best cultural offerings of the current and upcoming season. As many New Yorkers (and more than a few out-of-towners) know, there’s no better place for that than the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), the revered performing arts institution that’s currently celebrating its 150th anniversary.

For decades, BAM has been famous for its unusually strong spring lineup. So if you’re planning to visit New York in the weeks ahead, these are some of the shows you’ll want to know about. (And it doesn’t matter where you’re staying in the city, because BAM has shuttle buses to ferry audience members back to Manhattan immediately after most performances.) Read the entire story here…»


In this New York video tour we’re going to take you for a stroll through the neighborhood of Brooklyn Heights. This will be the first of a two-part series on Brooklyn Heights.

Video tour of Brooklyn Heights, New York: Part 1 (5:49)

Brooklyn Heights is located across the Brooklyn Bridge from Lower Manhattan. It is bordered by the East River, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway to the North, Cadman Plaza and Court Street to the East, and Atlantic Avenue to the South.


One of the best things about Brooklyn Heights is its many subway connections. The area is served by 9 different lines that run 24/7, so whether you’re going to the East or West Sides of Manhattan or many parts of Brooklyn, you rarely have to change trains. Read the entire story here…»


Clear the cobwebs from your brain, and shake off those summer doldrums! As New York natives and visitors know equally well, once the leaves on the trees start to turn color, the city reasserts its identity as a cultural capital as only it can, with new, highly-touted theatrical openings, museum exhibitions, and big-name performances arriving every week.

Lately, two literary and cultural festivals have made themselves increasingly essential to the fall calendar—and New York Habitat is here to put both events on your radar so you won’t miss out.

header_right_home Brooklyn Book Festival Logo

By now practically everyone has heard (or more likely read) that the borough of Brooklyn is fairly crawling with writers of every stripe, so it’s fitting that the annual Brooklyn Book Festival has grown to become the largest free literary event in New York City. Unfolding from September 15 – 18, the 2011 Festival will present a wide range of established literary lights and emerging authors alike, with a lineup that boasts such names as Jonathan Safran Foer, Pete Hamill, and Jhumpa Lahiri, among many others. Read the entire story here…»


Welcome to the second part of our 2-part series dedicated to discovering DUMBO, a great neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York!

Make sure to watch Part 1 of our series on DUMBO. Also make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay updated on our future videos.

Video Tour of DUMBO part 2 , Brooklyn, New York (6:04)

“DUMBO” actually stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, and it is located in Brooklyn, just on the other side of the river from Manhattan, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  The bridges can be traveled by automobile, bicycle and even walked across.

St. Ann’s Warehouse

If you live in DUMBO, you don’t need to go to Manhattan for world-class theater. St. Ann’s Warehouse stages some of the best shows in the city in an intimate space. Many productions come straight from Europe, like the acclaimed musical, “Brief Encounter,” which went on to Broadway last year. Read the entire story here…»